What Are the Hidden Risks of Diabetes Everyone Needs to Know?

Diabetes is one of the most severe illnesses that are known. It has a very dangerous character and involves multiple health complications. It is referred to the incurable illnesses. The modern medicine and science struggle to find a miracle cure against this disease and yearly there appear novice methods and treatments to somehow stop it. Nonetheless, there exist only such treatments, which only help the examinees to sustain their disastrous state.

Hidden Risks of Diabetes

This is an immunity ailment. The scholars still cannot find out the main reason why this ailment occurs. Due to this fact, it is impossible to find the one hundred percent curing so far. It is a severe violation of metabolic processes in the organism, which negatively influence the promotion of insulin. Its presence dangerously reduces and oftentimes, insulin is absent in the body.

There are two types of the ailment. While type I, our organism cannot recognize its own cells, thinking that they are the alien ones. Thus, it starts attacking and destroying them. While type II, it does not metabolize insulin at all.

 Common Symptoms of the Ailment

There are some common ailments and disorders that are always present if suffering from this ailment.

Of course, there is utterly abnormal lowering of the insulin levels. Hematological and immunological levels deviate from the norm as well. Immunity starts greatly suffering and it manifests in multiple complications in every system of the organism. There take place dystrophic ailments and trophic violations. This all leads to inappropriate everyday activity. In addition to physical compilations, there appear problems on mental level. Diabetes makes the suffering people mentally unstable.

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes type I

This is a very dangerous illness, which threatens to take away life. There are multiple reports of lethal ends. As this is an immunity illness, it involves various complications, which are utterly hazardous for human life.

The potential risks are:

  • This is a sufficient nerve harm. It involves complications in different areas of the human organism. It negatively affects organs and tissues inducing various ailments and dysfunctions. It is a reason of numbness and tingling in feet and hands, violations of vision (can possibly cause blindness) and kidney failure.
  • Skin ailments. This ailment has an impact even upon skin. Mind that commonly, the first signs of the progress of diabetes are noticeable on the skin. There are great risks of fungal and bacterial infections and itchy skin. In addition, there may occur blisters, atherosclerosis, digital sclerosis, and eruptive xanthomatosis. Though they take place rarely.
  • Cardiovascular diseases. One of the most vulnerable parts in the human organism while diabetes is heart. There is great risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, abnormal and frequent changes in blood pressure levels. There can also happen endothelial dysfunction. It has a very great role, as it is responsible for the development of atherosclerosis. Because of overly high blood sugar levels, there can appear blood platelets. These are the clotting elements that are a very great threat to life. Such “stickers” lead to the appearance of thrombosis.
  • Infection risks. In the course of the disease, the human organism is predisposed to the occurrence for different infections. They can appear in different parts of the body having different degree of severity and complications. There can take place foot and yeast infections and surgical site infections. The spectrum involves urinary tract disorders as well. Each of them may represent utterly dangerous complications. These may involve further problems and start some other sicknesses. Any infection significantly weakens the immunity. The combination with diabetes induces ever greater complications.
  • Depressive behavior. Diabetes also includes strong deviations in human behavior and predisposes people to depression and anxiety disorders. Commonly, such conditions are noticeable as soon as diabetes begins its negative affection upon the organism and its systems.

These are the most dangerous and frequent ailments and disorders that can potentially develop in the course of the disease. Nevertheless, there may occur some other health complications. Everything depends on the severity of the disease, age of the examinee and personal health characteristics.

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