Curved Penis Disorder: Effective Treatment Options by Health&Care Mall Team

Curved penis disorder, or Peyronie’s disease, is all about developing of fibrous scar tissues inside penis, and this is what leads to painful erections. Basically, having a curved penis is quite widespread, so that it doesn’t necessarily mean that men should be concerned with that. If you have pain or significant bend, you should visit your doctor and get more information because this medical condition may prevent you from having a normal sexual life. For a few men, this disorder goes away automatically, while for most men it gets worse and remains. That’s why you should get clearer understanding of available treatments, and Canadian Health&Care Mall service will help you with that.

Common Symptoms and Main Causes of Peyronie’s Disease Everyone Has to Be Aware of

Curved Penis Disorder

They may appear unexpectedly or develop gradually, and the most common ones include scar tissues, significant penis bend, erectile problems, pain, shortening, etc. Keep in mind that the curvature associated with this disorder may worsen gradually, just like pain and scar tissues. If these symptoms prevent you from having sex or cause other problems, it’s necessary to see your physician at once.

What about the main causes of Peyronie’s disease? Well, they are not well-understood, but there are different factors involved. In most cases, this disorder appears because of regular penile injuries because scar tissues form in a disorganized way during the process of healing. When a penis is erected, the area with these tissues can’t stretch, so a penis bends and is disfigured, which is painful. There are some studies that this disease may be connected with inherited traits and other health conditions.

Common Risk Factors and Complications for Men

Minor penile injuries don’t always result in developing this curved penis disorder, but there are some risk factors that contribute to insufficient wound healing. For example, they include heredity, age, connective tissue disorders and others (specific medical conditions, unhealthy habits, prostate surgeries and so on).

There are certain complications of curved penis disorder, such as inability to have sex, relationship problems, stress, anxiety about sexual abilities and penis appearance, difficulty fathering children because a sexual intercourse is either impossible or complicated, difficulty getting and maintaining erections, etc.

Basics of Your Visiting a Doctor

Once you notice the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, it’s advisable to see your physician immediately. You should make a few basic steps to get ready for this visit properly. Create a list that includes your common symptoms, personal information, meds and supplements, family medical history, penile injuries and others.

You also need to ask your doctors a few important questions to get a better idea of this disorder. This is how you will get more information about future tests, possible treatments, prognosis, etc. Besides, physicians are likely to ask you specific questions, so you should be ready to give detailed answers. This is what helps them determine the causes of your medical problem and effective treatment. Physical exams are often enough to identify penile scar tissues and diagnose you properly. However, there are specific tests that you may need to pass to understand the core root of your symptoms. Doctors may order ultrasound and other medical tests to examine a penis correctly, because they show scar tissue presence and other existing abnormalities.

Effective Treatment Options at Canadian Health&Care Mall

What is the most effective treatment? This question is often asked by those male patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. First, doctors may advise you the so-called watchful waiting approach if you can have sex without pain, penis curvature is not severe and doesn’t get worse, you have proper erectile functions, or your pain is mild. If your symptoms are serious or they worsen, you are most likely to be advised to take certain meds or undergo a surgery to solve this medical problem.

Treatment Options

When it comes to medications, their basic goal is to minimize curvature, relieve pain and decrease plaque formation. Interested in available options? Xiaflex is one of the most common meds taken by those men who have penile curvature of thirty degrees and more. This treatment functions by breaking down collagen buildup that leads to curvature of the penis. This option includes specific injections into penile lumps and penile modeling (specific exercises that straighten and stretch a penis). If you take a look at multiple clinical trials, you will understand that this therapy results in reduced curvature and getting rid of unwanted symptoms associated with curved penis disorder.

If you prefer off-label meds to treat this medical condition, you should consider Trental, Interferon and Verapamil. The good news is that Canadian Health&Care Mall can help you find the best deals from reputable online pharmacies easily and fast, so that you will save both your time and money while solving your penile issues effectively.

Some doctors advise their male patients to consider specific surgical methods to treat Peyronie’s disease. As an example, if your penile deformity is quite severe and bothersome, take into account this option, but you should understand that you can’t undergo a surgery until penile curvature stops increasing. There are different surgical methods to choose from, so you need to get a better idea of their pros and cons.

  1. Suturing unaffected sides. It’s possible to use a variety of medical procedures to suture the longer side of your penis, as this is what allows doctors to straighten it. The main drawback is that this method may result in penile shortening.
  2. Excision, incision and grafting. This treatment option is often used to get rid of severe penile curvature because it’s connected with more risks.
  3. Penile implants. They replace spongy tissues filled with blood during erections, and they are available in different types, such as inflated, semi-rigid and others. This option should be considered if you have both erectile dysfunction and curved penis disorder.

The surgical method chosen by doctors depend on your medical condition, location of scar tissues, symptoms and other important factors. Finally, there are other treatments that can be used to treat this disease, including iontophoresis and non-drug options (using sound waves, special stretching and vacuum devices), etc. The basic rule that must be followed is to avoid treating Peyronie’s disease without consulting a qualified doctor.

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