Making Orders is Easy! Let`s Learn Together!

Welcome to Canadian Health&Care Mall, dear visitor! We are about to explain you how to order medications from our service within few minutes and hassle-free. The process is specifically tailored for a quick and easy use.  We do realize that one of the reasons why you’ve chosen Canadian Health&Care Mall was quick order making from the comfort of your home. So, here are very simple steps to be taken to make purchasing an enjoyable procedure.



STEP 1 – Making the Search Wise & Speedy

There’s a broad list of medications offered by our pharmacy. Looking for the drug you need and going alphabetical is a really tough way. We suggest you making it a bit easier. Instead of searching by name, search by category. Viewing all available medications from a certain category will allow you deciding which ones to buy or maybe even find a better option. After finding exactly what you need, proceed to the step 2.

STEP 2 – Learning How to Specify

If you followed our tips and managed to find the drug you need without any problem, it’s time to decide the drug’s correct dosage variant. If your treatment course is about to be a pretty long one, we suggest (not insist on) ordering the amount of drugs required for the therapy. It will allow saving much time and money or even getting bonuses and using discounts. If you order by portions, you pay more.

The cost differs depending both on the quantity and the pharmacological form. As soon as you decide find the ORDER button and push it.

STEP 3 – Checking

After you push the ORDER button, the pills will be immediately added to your personal cart. Before making any payment, we want you to check the cart, and do it more than once. Think over other possible medications that you might need. When a proper cart examination is done, proceed to the checkout page.

STEP 4 – Choosing Shipping Options

Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall you’re going to be offered two popular shipping options that we trust: Express Courier or Regular Air Mail. You are free to decide which one goes for you. However, before making your decision, we want you to rely on the delivery duration and not the company’s name.

As for Express Courier, this service works for Canadians and Americans only. If you are a resident of either of these two countries, the packaging must be expected during 8-14 working days. Customers from European and Asian countries pick Regular Air Main. The longest waiting period is 21 days. Both companies deliver right at your doorstep and you should better be at home to sign for the delivery.

STEP 5 – Sharing Your PI

Why do we collect personal information? It is necessary for the purposes of order processing and delivery. The collected data is well protected and is viewed and used by highly professional and qualified staff only. You provide name and address, area code, your phone number and credit card or eCheck information.

Canadian Health&Care Mall guarantee that your personal data remains confidential and well-protected no matter whether you’re one of our regular clients or a freshman. The reliable protection is guaranteed by 256-bit security encryption layer. For more details and information, please view our Privacy page or contact our support team. After sharing your PI, make payment.

STEP 6 – Check the Confirmation Message

You’ve already paid for the ordered medications. What’s the next step? Your payment is accepted by the system automatically and you receive a confirmation message. Check the incoming messages and find ours in the list. The message includes all necessary details related to your order. Never delete the message until the package is delivered right at your doorstep. It may appear to be important when you contact us concerning any shipping and delivery information.

PLEASE NOTE. Your order gets a unique ID number for the ultimate protection from mishandling, loss and any possible mistakes.

Ordering from us is surely a quick and easy process. While making an order for the first time, you will spend about 10 minutes, yet later on things will go much faster.

We wish you luck and health! And from our part we provide everything you need for that!