Canadian Heath and Care Mall Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Questions seem to arise from nowhere whether you are a Canadian Health&Care Mall newcomer or a regular user. Looking for answers may take time, and most of them are usually unreliable. This was mainly why we’ve created a new service sections FAQs. Here you can get short and accurate answers to all basic questions and concerns. If your question is not listed, please contact us and learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making Orders, Processing

How to order medications from Canadian Health Care Mall?

We suggest different categories of drugs to allow a customer address any of them and find the pills he/she intends to buy. If you are short of time, you are welcome to use the search engine offered on the website. Input the medication name and you will be shown the offered options (types, quantities, and dosage).  Make your choice, add drugs to the basket, decide on the shipping & delivery option, enter personal details and receive the confirmation letter.

What payment methods are available at Canadian Health Mall?

We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard and eCheck. Paying by a credit card is regarded as the most convenient option, but you can use eCheck too. We don’t keep your credit card information on file and apply all security measures to protect your financial data.

NOTE: we never process your order without payment.

Can you ensure ordering safety?

We surely can. Canadian Health&Care Mall team members are responsible and professional specialists, who are focused on satisfying most of your medical needs and ensuring transaction security. Our service uses SSL – a standard and the most reliable security measure that protects any information entered.

I have a promo code/coupon. Can I use it while paying?

That’s your right. Go to the discount coupon section and enter the code into it. It’ll take a minute and then you will proceed ordering. The discount is going to be applied to the total order sum.

How can I cancel my order?

After receiving a confirmation letter with entire ordering and shipping information, canceling is impossible. It should be done before getting any exact shipping information.

Can I order the medication that isn’t listed?

New medications appear daily, so there’s a chance that neither of represented categories offers the drug you need. Before you decide to leave the webpage, please contact us. Our support team gets requests to add different drugs frequently. And we will surely add the one you need, if you inform us of it.

Delivery Details

What shipping company is my order entrusted to?

Today we cooperate with two most reliable shipping companies that are experienced in medication delivery. They are Express Courier and Regular Airmail. You can choose any of them, depending on delivery terms and your geographical location, of course. If you are a citizen of Canada or the USA, choose Regular Airmail and expect your packaging during 8-14 working days. In case you come from any Asian or European country, your choice is Regular Airmail, and the waiting period is up to three weeks.

When the delivery should be expected?

It depends on the chosen delivery company and the custom services. Americans and Canadians entrust their packages to Express Courier and wait for a week or two, depending on the custom service, the size of the package and the number of holidays, if there are any. Customers from other countries are served by Regular Airmail that delivers during 14-21 days. However, in both cases the majority of deliveries take up less time.

NOTE: if you need more information concerning your packaging, please contact us and we will tract the shipping process for you.

Can you deliver to my country? Does Canadian Pharmacy Service ship internationally?

Most malls and pharmacies don’t, but we do ship overseas. Of course, there are locations that we can’t reach. To check whether your country is listed, please check the list available on the website. As for the shipping charge and additional information, please contact our support service.

What if my package is delayed?

It almost never happens when you order from us. However, due to circumstances that we can’t influence (holidays or custom service), delays may occur. If you have waited from 3 weeks and the medication wasn’t delivered right to your doorstep, please contact us. If the order is lost during the shipping process, but it was initially insured, you will get your medication reshipped.

My order was made more than 3 weeks ago and pills aren’t here yet.

This almost never happens to Canadian Health&Care Mall. If you faced the problem, write to us. After getting in touch with one of our team members, you will find out what the reason of delay is. If it happens through our fault or the package is insured, it will be reshipped.

I did receive the order, but the packaging/drugs are damaged. What should I do?

There are three steps to be taken in case you receive a damaged package or wrong/damaged pills. The first one: take pictures of the things you aren’t fully satisfied with. The second one: make a full description, write details, and specify your worries and discontent. The third one: contact us via e-mail adding your photos and the description to the message. We will answer as soon as the message is processed. The drugs will be resent or your payment will be refund.

Can I count on privacy during packaging?

You surely can. We respect your right for confidentiality and this is why we guarantee protection of any personal information of yours. While packing your pills, we leave no marks or names on a parcel. No one is about to find out what is inside.

NOTE: if you have any suggestions as to how to improve your shipping privacy, please share them as we are working on improvements daily.

Can I return drugs if I no longer use them?

No, unfortunately you can’t and here’s why: Canadian Health & Care Mall cooperates with world’s licensed pharmacies. According to the pharmaceutical law, no brand or generic medication can be returned after the purchasing. So, before making your order, please make sure you really need the drug and decide on its quantity or dosage.

What if I’m not at home when the package is delivered?

You should better be at home, as you have to sign the receipt. This is how both delivery companies that we entrust your pills to work. Your signature verifies the fact of delivery. When our client appears to be out, we leave a notice with instructions as to where he can get his parcel from.

NOTE: if you know you won’t be at home, please inform us to change the time of delivery.


Will my personal information be safe with you?

It surely will. You can be confident about your data as we never sell or share it with third parties and other organizations. A limited number of our specialists are engaged into the delivering procedure and can view and use it for specified purposes only.

What systems are used to ensure PI safety?

Here at Canadian Health and Care Mall we follow PIPEDA. It’s the Personal Information Protections and Electronic Documents Act. The entered and shared details are encrypted with SSL. The data is safe and well-protected, whether you are a regular buyer or not.

Generic Medications vs. Brand Drugs: Effectiveness and Use

What should I known about generics that you provide?

Generics and brand drugs have many common features when it comes to their active ingredients, dosage, efficacy, use and even side effects. Today pharmaceutical companies and physicians agree that generic pills are equivalent to brand ones in most indices. The only difference is that fact the generics aren’t manufactured by original pharmaceutical companies, thus they cost less.

Is there the chance to achieve the same results while being on generics?

We call it a 100% chance! The fact you pick generics doesn’t mean you pick low quality. All generics you will find on this website will provide the same effects as their brand counterparts, because they have identical active ingredients. This is why generics are getting more and more popular these days: why pay more, if it’s possible to achieve the same effect at a lower cost?

I’ve received my generics. Why do they look different?

This question bothers many of our customers. Generics should be different, because that’s the law! While all active ingredients must be the same in both variants, secondary ones (they determine colors and flavors) should be different. The same refers to the shape. Generic medications aren’t allowed to look like brand ones.

Are all your generics FDA approved?

Yes, they are. We work with world’s most reputable and reliable pharmaceutical companies. They are FDA approved and so are their generic medications. We trust them and you can feel safe while entrusting your health and life to their pills.

How can you explain low costs of most generics?

A regular inexperienced person finds it really hard to understand why generics are cheaper than brand drugs. Why is the cost lower, if the ingredients and efficacy are the same? The explanation is right on the surface: pharmaceutical companies apply much time and effort to create, produce pills and make people buy them. They want to have their job well-paid. Manufacturers of generics don’t do all that job, because all the researches, trials and commercials were done before.

So, though the quality remains the same, customers’ expenses can be cut down thanks to the fact generics don’t require the entire research-trial job.

What countries do the medications come from?

The offered drugs come not from Canada only. Some of them are manufactured in European and Asian countries. However, we never cooperate with the companies that work in the regions with a bad reputation. Today there are many international fulfillment centers that we cooperate with. They are also approved by local regulatory bodies, so you don’t have to get worried about drugs’ quality and safety.

Other Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Services

Is there an option of automatic refill?

Yes, there is. We offer signing up for automatic refills to make the shopping process easier and faster. You will receive the exact number of refills approved by your healthcare provider. As for now one year is a maximum term for refills. During this year a customer doesn’t have to provide more prescription or any other additional information.

Do you provide online consultations?

Yes, we do. All customers need proper answers to various questions before, during and even after making orders. If you can’t find answer in the list of FAQs, contact us for more details and explanations via Your question will be answered by a licensed physician or pharmacist and you will surely get all the information you require.

How to get in touch with a Canadian Pharmacy Mall representative?

Follow the customer support ticket page, in case you have any questions to be asked and answered. Our physicians and pharmacists will provide reliable recommendations. Of course, they aren’t final and you can learn more from an appointment at your healthcare provider, yet still our experienced staff can evaluate your state by your symptoms and complains.

I want to subscribe to newsletters. How can I do that?

This option is offered to every customer, while he’s creating his personal account on our website. This sort of subscription allows receiving the latest information about different drugs, new categories and discounts.

How can I unsubscribe from newsletters?

Go to the settings of your personal account and find the Report Spam Link. Press it and you won’t receive newsletters again.

What are the principles of your spam policy?

Canadian Health and Care Mall never sends spam messages to its customers and subscribers. We regard such messages as irrelevant and don’t use them to make any of our clients buy drugs. However, you can receive newsletters from us. Don’t confuse them with spam messages as newsletters contain valuable and not commercial information (bonuses, special offers, discounts, new categories, etc.).

I am not subscribed to newsletters, but I keep receiving spam messages. How to fix the problem?

If there are any suspicious letters with our logos and e-mail address, get in touch with our customer service. Copy the message you get and send it to us. We will investigate the case and give you the best recommendation how to get rid of spamming.

Best Regards, Canadian Health&Care Mall Team: