Types of Depression

1. In individuals with various amounts of asperity depression occurs as broad spread as diseases like influenza. When someone is dealing with a major depressive disorder he or she experiences some difficulty. When a person is affected by major depressive disorder or a clinical she or he loses interest in pleasing and routine everyday tasks, […]

End Depression

I am a board certified cognitive behavioral therapist who went to the field after I was diagnosed with manic depression, to help myself -they call it bipolar today. I prefer the previous term as being reliable and descriptive. I find the definition of bipolar neglects to nail anything which may provide a hint concerning what […]

How do antidepressants affect moral decision-making?

In a moral decision making experiment, individuals were found to be prone to cover cash to avoid injury both to others and themselves than control subjects who were given a placebo. In the experiment, the “deciders” had the capacity to cover cash out of their allocated sum to prevent either themselves or their “receiver” from […]