Canadian Health&Care Mall Names 3 Proven Ways to Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online pharmacy service that knows a lot about erectile dysfunction. It has been their object of studies for many years. Now its pharmacists, doctors and scientists are ready to give you a sound piece of advice concerning this problem. Read about three proven ways to treat ED and put them into practice.

What Danger Can Erectile Dysfunction Bring?


Serious diagnosis “erectile dysfunction” can change your life forever if you do nothing with it. First, it will decide whether you can have sex or not. Then it will be your everyday owner which will destroy your family relationships, ruin your personality and substitute pleasant moments with the worst ones. Men usually have two problems: inability to perform sex act and premature ejaculation. Both of them can lead to serious depression. That’s why without the required treatment it becomes the nightmare of each man.

Trinity Solution from Men’s Sexual Weakness

Impotence is so humiliating and dreadful that men desire to stop its existence as quickly as possible. They go to their doctors, look for the best solution of their trouble and spend big sums without hesitation. Working with patients, specialists do everything possible to help them. After many years they came to a conclusion that there are three irreplaceable things in the process ED medication. They are:

  1. More sport and fresh air
  2. Healthy and wholesome food
  3. ED drugs

The Role of Sport in Men’s Health

It’s not a secret that sport makes us stronger. It trains muscles, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, improves metabolism and makes our body more attractive. People are different and choose such kind of sport which suits them most of all. Someone wants to work out in the gym. Someone wants to look slim and fit. Someone trains to be healthier. Goals are various but sport is one of the most suitable means. No one will deny that physical exercises in combination with fresh air have stronger effect. That’s why jogging in the stadium is much useful than long training in the stuffy gym. What about erection? It needs blood which accumulation in the penis provokes its rising. Due to better blood circulation erection happens easier. Men do not suffer from additional health complications and take delight in their intimate life. So, we must admit that physical activity is a source of better erection. And, of course, don’t smoke. Smoking destroys nervous system. It can blockade impulses sent by brain to other parts of the body. The signal “rise” may be lost due to nicotine and men will not have hard standing penis.

Health about Wealth or We Are What We Eat

People cannot exist without food. It is a body builder. Right food supplies the body with vitamins and minerals needed for excellent organism functioning. When humans lack some portion of vitamin C, they can catch a cold, for example. If they have bad teeth it means that they should take more calcium and vitamin D. Human organism must receive everything in “clever amounts”. It should also have enough proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If people eat healthy meals, they get vital energy which helps to cope with diseases, stresses and bacteria. What happens when someone starts eating too much of heavy and fat food?

  • First of all, it slows down metabolism and leads to overweight
  • Big portions overload the body, especially in evening time. As a result, people may suffer from insomnia, constipation, high blood pressure, vomiting, stomach upset, nausea, etc.
  • It increases the level of cholesterol in the blood
  • High level of cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis
  • Too much sugar causes ageing and has bad impact on skin
  • Obesity has negative influence on hormonal balance. The scientist made experiments and proved that fat people lack hormones which are responsible for energy and fat control in the body
  • It provokes liver diseases

Now, let’s sum everything up. We see the influence of daily ration on our health. Now imagine that men will eat wholesome nutritious food. Their body will be in good condition and full of powers. Perfect blood circulation, energy and ideal body functioning will praise them with long nights of pleasure. It is also important to minimize alcohol usage. Its effect resembles that of sedative drugs. That’s why your genitals may sleep when you need them.

Best ED Medicines Ever

Sometimes food and sport don’t help because it is too late. Men have already polluted their organism. Now it is weak and unable to do its sexual job in a proper way. What to do? Combine first two components with high quality drugs. Today the variety of ED drugs is so high that you can substitute one with the other in case it doesn’t work. For now there are four main ingredients which are added to cause erection. They are: Tadalafil, Udenafil, Sildenafil and Vardenafil. All of them are effective but some organisms may be too sensitive to one of them. When this happens, doctors usually choose the other medicines that can help and not harm. The best ED medicines are considered to be Generic Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Priligy, Kamagra and a great variety of others.

Get more helpful tips on the usage of ED Medications:

These pills can do the following things:

  • Give you stable erection
  • Help when vitamins and sport don’t work
  • Bring your sexual life back to norm
  • Let you feel like sex machine for several hours
  • Save you in case you need quick effect (some pills can dissolve in the mouth in less than 15 minutes)

If you decide to change your intimate life for better, don’t waste your time. Sex is a great source of pleasure that makes us feel younger and happier.