Taking a Closer Look at Canadian Health&Care Mall: Who We are and What We Do

What Does Canadian Health Care Mall Stand For?

Canadian Pharmacy Service, or Canadian Health&Care Mall www.healthandcaremall.net, has already become a vital part of many people’s lives. While prescription and non-prescription drugs for ED, blood pressure, pain relief, diabetes or migraines must be at hand, most people refuse from their intake due to different reasons: high prices, non-availability, great distance, etc. If you live in a remote area, can’t afford buying really expensive medications or feel embarrassing every time you get prescription for Viagra pills, Canadian Health&Care Mall is here for you to deal with any problems and health issues to ensure your well-being.

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We are a team of professionals: druggists, pharmacists, researches, technicians and managing personnel. Our staff members are all licensed specialists who work and live to provide every customer with high quality medications at prices that are affordable.

  • Our healthcare professionals never stop improving their knowledge and skills. They also work for your education and inform of all important changes in treatment processes and new improvements. All and each involve only the latest improvements and developments to help you feel safe, confident and healthy.
  • Our technicians are quick and dependable. They think fast, provide an easy access, create and improve an easy-to-use and appealing interface, ensure a speedy and high quality work. They are chosen from experienced candidates, who are willing to develop, know of all the latest technologies and are eager to embody them.

What Services Do We Provide?

From the very beginning of our work, we’ve decided on a mission that could unite all staff members. Today the mission is to provide affordable and safe access to different medications, essential drugs and remedies that prevent development of severe conditions, treat common and rare issues and cure various diseases. We provide drugs from different categories and for different health problems.

Working with trusted pharmaceutical companies we manage to improve the list of available medications and add new ones on a regular basis. We do everything for you to understand that we aren’t just another neighborhood drugstore, but a reliable friend, a source of information and treatment.

We value your health, confidentiality and safety. When all three directions are wisely combined, our customers get an exceptional buying and medical experience. It’s not only about selling pills. It’s about knowing they will work and getting pleasure and satisfaction from knowing that you feel much better after their intake.

We Provide the Best and Safest Drugs in the Sphere

And, believe it, we are proud of that! Canadian Health and Care Mall is famous for the generics it provides to customers from countries from around the globe. We sell internationally, giving a chance for cure even to people from Asian and African countries.

Best and Safest Drugs

Why generics are our choice? The answer is right on the surface: generic medications are therapeutic, biological and pharmaceutical equivalents of brand drugs. Their low price is perhaps the only thing that makes them different and wanted, by the way. Doctors and researchers agree that their composition of active ingredients, efficacy and dosage are the same as those of the original drugs.

Then why pay more? Just to cover all expenses on commercial? Besides, generics have a few more advantages, aside from low costs. Recently a few trials have proven that certain generics may lead to fewer side effects, especially in elder people. The results are still not final, yet there’s a chance for people over 60 to stop suffering or at least reduce the adverse reactions from taking generic Viagra pills, for example.

Safety & Privacy Standards Aren’t Just Goals, But Achievements

Safety & Privacy Standards

Canadian Pharmacy Team emphasizes that YOUR privacy is OUR main priority. As any other online service we do collect some personal information, however, it is used for purposes of order processing and delivery only. We do not share, sell or copy the information that our customers entrust to us daily.

We protect three major type of information:

  1. personal (name, age, address, telephone number, e-mail address);
  2. financial (credit card number, eCheck data);
  3. medical (history of diseases, current medical problems, treatment courses, pills ordered).

There are strictly defined procedures and policies in Canadian Health and Care Mall to safeguard the security and privacy of personal data: any information is used by qualified team members only and is restricted to other employees.

Looking for Low Prices? That’s Us!

Low Prices

It’s clear why we offer medications at low costs: we sell generics, and they are much cheaper than brand drugs, yet never make patient refuse from high quality or health. However, expenses reduction is far not everything that Canadian Health and Care Mall has to offer these days.

While ordering from Canadian HealthCare Mall, you can contact our support team and benefit from:

  • choosing from different low price offers;
  • buying greater amounts of pills to cut down expenses on the whole;
  • getting special offers (shipping and delivery);
  • receiving bonus pills;
  • negotiating bargain prices;
  • using personal coupons and many more.

We make online purchases not only easier or more comfortable! We make them cheaper! A lot!

Canadian Health&Care Mall Customer Service for Those, Who Want to Make Things Clear

There’s an obvious reason why we’ve created a special customer service: we want you to be sure about the purchase you are about to make as long as you spend the money you may lack and want to treat the condition that is getting worse.

What does the custom service ensures? The one we at Canadian Health&Care Mall suggest is about:

  1. answering any questions that arise;
  2. addressing various concerns, both medical and technical;
  3. educating customers about their conditions and possible treatment options, regular and alternative, main and additional;
  4. making purchases more comfortable and the interface more understandable.

We never hide behind computer screens or make customers keep buying. Our policy is open and we are here to improve your health and improve this service too. Let us know what bothers you the most. We are aimed at a mutually beneficial partnership and always do our best so that any customer has Canadian Health&Care Mall as a trusting and the most reliable partner.